Saturday, December 10, 2011

Iwai to produce Fukushima Day (2012?)

Iwai posted on December 1 (at Awaiff) that he has become a Producer of the upcoming film Fukushima Day by filmmaker Ami Sakurai (Twitter).

Iwai states that it is about "the everyday struggles of the people living in Fukushim", and that although originally intended as a documentary, the film turned into a piece of fiction as production went on.

More info as we get it.

Iwai Shunji Film Festival

Iwai Shunji Film Festival (IWAIFF) is an odd duck. Once a month or so, an online magazine of sorts is updated with a new "volume" featuring short videos of interviews with actors and professionals who have worked with Iwai, plus storyboards, MP3s and other odds and ends.

IWAIFF Official Page
IWAIFF on Facebook
IWAIFF on Twitter

I'll be creating blog posts for each volume (Volume 8 just came out) and adding hopefully much more on Iwai in the coming weeks and months.